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What's BubbleTunnel?

BubbleTunnel is a VPN which stands for virtual private network. It is a way of communicating from one end point to another end point securely. Using AES 256 encryption, which is government certified encryption strength and standard, the end-user is able to send all data communication over the internet in a secure method to all places it travels and is decrypted by the intended recipient only. Data travelling from your computer will generally first go to your router or modem and from there to your internet service provider (ISP). Due to the fact that your ISP does not have the whereabouts of where you are sending the packet to it often forwards the data to the "next hop". There may be many next hops along a path before the data reaches the recipient and at any one of these hops it could be possible to read the information within the packets. This data that is easy to read and decipher is generally called clear-text data.

What a VPN does is it ensures that the information within the packet is encrypted and only the intended party can decipher and read that information. This is achieved by the use of a key pair, public key and private key. The VPN only hides the information within the data payload portion of the packet but leaves the address information of where you are sending that packet intact. This ensures that the various "hops" will know the eventual destination and the source address information for routing the answer back to the sender. The reason that on-one else can read your data is because you use your private key to decrypt and encrypt the packets on your system.

BubbleTunnel uses unique certificates for each of their users and this means that no two users can ever view one another's traffic in clear-text. BEWARE - our competitors use either a shared certificate or deliver your private key to you over an insecure channel (http, email). We ensure that your certificate is intended for you and you alone so you can rest assure that your information remains private and confidential. Of course we have to eventually decrypt the data or else the intended target i.e. facebook, pokerstars, hulu, bbc etc. wouldn't be able to read it. Each gateway is used by a limited number of users meaning that you are anonymized at our end. Think of us as the friendly ISP, where you want us to be, giving you access to what you need when you need it.